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Japan Tradelink Ltd

Established in 1996 by Kiminori Kobayashi as a consulting company of which head office is located in Tokyo.

Service by Australia Japan Business Support  will be done under the name and account of Japan Tradelink Ltd.

Our Services

We can  offer the following services for both Australian and Japanese companies.

For Japanese clients:

Sourcing products to be imported to Japan
Market Research for products to be exported to Australia
To find our potential importers of your products in Australia
To communicate with Australian companies on your behalf
To accompany you to your counterpart in Australia and assist you by interpretation

To make business documents in English for you 

For Australian clients:
Export market research in Japanese market
To find out possible customers for Australian products
To accompany Australian clients to Japanese potential customers
To coordinate to attend exhibitions in Japan 
Marketing in Japanese language through the Internet

For further details, including service fee, please contact us by this link.

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